Vanidols Asian Cuisine was first established in 1989 in Elizabeth street North Hobart. At that time, it was the first restaurant to have three Asian cuisines on the menu - THAI, INDIAN and INDONESIAN.  Vanidol Lulitanond, the head chef, believes in bringing good fresh produce to the table, even though the Asian products back then were hard to get, but Vanidol has always managed to  put together dishes that are fresh, authentic and flavoursome.

Vanidols combines his home style cooking and the knowledge that he has to produce dishes that are well liked by the diners of Hobart as they often come back for their favourite dishes.

Vanidol has sold Vanidol's in North Hobart and reopened another restaurant in South Hobart called Vanidol's South Hobart. Vanidol and his wife Sumitra take a trip once a year back to Thailand on a culinary journey to bring back to the people of Hobart new and exciting dishes.

So if you have not tried Vanidol's South Hobart, give us a call on (03)-6224-5986, and your host Van and Sumi would be delighted to show off some of our fine dishes. We are open for Lunch Tue to Sat. from 11 am and dinner from 5.30 pm. Sun and Mon closed but we can open for special events.

Awards for Vanidol

• We love food awards 2008
• Feast food awards 2012 

Fully Licensed.

Specialising in modern Asian cuisines with a strong specialty in Thai home cooking.

361a Macquarie street, South Hobart, Tasmania 7004

Bookings : 03 6224 5986

Fax : 03 6224 2609

We accept :


Tue to Sat - Lunch from 11am to 2pm

Tue to Sat - Dinner from 5:30pm

Sunday & Monday can open for special event